Raw materials for our arrows: Hand-selected, heat-straightened natural hardwood shafts, stone points and Wild Turkey feathers. Maple arrow with Flint Ridge (stone) tip & Wild Turkey fletching. Closeup of Wild Turkey tail fletching and tapered nock. Detail of fletching, wrapping and nock. Closeup of stone arrow tip. An array of stone arrow points in various authentic types and materials. These Spears or Lances are six feet long and made of heat-straightened Ash. The shafts have beautiful scars left by a species of wood-boring wasp (not visible in photo). Closeup of spear tips. These examples are of heat-treated Texas Chert. The 'business end' of a compound dart system used with the Atlatl for big game hunting. This socketed foreshaft has a heat-treated Texas Chert tip, and fits onto a long, slender, fletched dart (not shown). Closeup shows the beauty and razor-sharp edges typical of pressure flaking.